brief instruction: Application in the employment for the triage procedure


1. Filling in one triage tag for each patient

example bac...

example fro...








2. "documentation log: triage area" additionaly has to be used


  • patient triage tag number,
  • triage category,
  • time,
  • if necessary transportation priority, references, …




3. Additional remarks

example bac...

example fro...

  • mark on both sections of the triage tag of patient and/or document:
  • injury,
  • illness,
  • therapy,
  • personal data for identification of the patient, …

4. Separate the sections of the triage tags

  • only if the evacuation of the patient begins.



5. Separated sections of the triage tags and the filled out overview documentation receives

  • the leading emergency physician, or
  • the technical operations headquarters.



6. Change of the triage category

sever triag...

cross triag...

  • 1. the triage tag of the patient which is primarily on the patient present is crossed out separated into full width diagonally and one part of the section of the triage tag remains at the patient.


  • 2. the past card number is maintained and transferred to the new triage tag of the patient.


add triage ...

  • 3. the change of the triage category is documented on "documentation log: triage area" and/or "documentation log: treatment area".
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